Up until recently the Ultimate Sidemen have been fairly secretive about their cars.


The first to reveal hat they drove was Vik when, in May last year, he posted a video entitled “My First Car”, which you can see below:

The video sees Vik showing off his shiny new VW Scirocco, a car worth between £20k – £30k when brought brand new.

Vik has since upgraded to an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, which you can see below:

Perhaps coincidentally (or perhaps not), if you Google the price for this guy you will see around £123k!

In October 2016, Vikk got a new car, entering the electric car market with a Tesla Model S 90D:


Harry was the next to show off his wheels and show off he did! In a video titled “New Car and Setup Video” he showed off his ridiculously showy Range Rover Evoque, wrapped in none other than Chrome! Brand new, the Evoque has a list price of between £30k and £45k.

However, after only 3 months Harry announced he had upgraded his Evoque for a rose gold tinted Ferrari 458… A car worth between £160k and £200k!.

This was though, just a publicity stunt. In reality, Harry still has his Evoque but has had it re-wrapped in a lovely yellow-gold.

In the summer of 2015 though, Harry did finally upgrade his wheels with a 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo 50th Anniversary:


KSI had previously posted on Facebook a picture of a Porsche back in April complete with the numberplate “K51 FLY”.

KSIOlajidebt Porsche

JJ does in fact drive a Lamborghini Aventador which was previously red. However he has recently had it wrapped in a striking purple “Tron” effect by Yiannimize, see their video below:

The car has since been re-wrapped in a satin black and orange “Tron” colour scheme:

JJ also owns a black Porsche Cayenne, presumably heavily customised and personalised.


After passing his driving test in January 2015, Tobi got his first car and unveiled it in a video on the 2nd February. See his reveal video for his 2007 Audi A3 below:


Ethan has never really talked about his car on his channel… until he crashed it! You can see a bit of his Mercedes A-Class in this video:


For a long time Simon kept quiet about what he drove, but he finally revealed in 2016 his Range Rover Evoque:


Josh has never really discussed his car, but it’s widely known that he drives an Audi TT. You can see some interior shots during some of the Pokemon Go videos that he, Vik and Simon posted.