KSI’s new flat

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Posted November 20, 2014

Yesterday (Wednesday 19th November) KSIOlajidebt – real name JJ – posted a new video to his main channel entitled “My Flat Tour”, which you can see above.

The video sees the YouTube star showing us around his new 3 bedroom penthouse apartment (I think “flat” does this place a bit of an injustice) which overlooks the Olympic Park in Stratford, London.

Coming in at just shy of £4000 a month on rent, this new bachelor pad certainly says a lot about how far JJ has come since he first started uploading CoD commentaries from his parents house just shy of 5 years ago. Coupled with his impressive set of wheels it seems that KSI has genuinely made it.

The video has lead to a lot of speculation as to whether or not this means JJ will be leaving the Sidemen house, which he currently lives in with Simon, Josh and Vik – although he was quick to dispel this rumour in the video description… Hey, if you can afford to live here then you can probably afford to live somewhere else at the same time anyway, right?!

KSI’s new flat is in the same building as other YouTuber’s Harry (wroetoshaw), Callux and Calfreezy. The 43-storey building is part of Stratford’s complete regeneration following the 2012 Olympics in the city and JJ’s penthouse apartment certainly makes one hell of a statement…

Ever feel like you chose the wrong career?…