The end of the Sidemen?

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Posted May 7, 2017

Recently, some of the guys have been hinting that they are considering things away from YouTube – could this spell the beginning of the end for the Sidemen?

Vik posted an in depth video addressing his supporters explaining that his focus was considering moving away from the platform, something that was echoed by Simon in a recent vlog.

This follows the very obvious move by JJ over the last few months to reduce his online presence.

Will this be the end?

  • Romel

    No,this will not be the end of the Sidemen.Even though JJ hasn’t shared his reasons for doing this,Vikk and Simon and maybe the others try to provide as much as they can but they also try to have a little space to breath.After all,they have a personal life besides Youtube,which is fine by me.They are still young and they should live their lifes and enjoy this as much as they can.