Sidemen to hold charity football match!

Sidemen FC vs YouTube Allstars

Posted March 7, 2016

On Friday the 3rd of June, St Mary’s stadium will play host to one of the most exciting charity events of the year. The world renowned Sidemen will play a team of very special Youtube Allstars in an 11 a side extravaganza where all profits from ticket sales will go to Southampton FC’s very own Saints Foundation.

Tickets are now on sale, priced at just £12 for Adults and £7 for Children, plus booking fee.

With over 37 million subscribers, The Sidemen are hoping that with a little help from their celebrity Youtube friends (and of course you) they can raise money and awareness for the foundation.

So join us for a family day of fun, football, and some very familiar faces. Help The Sidemen and their Youtube friends support the Saints Foundation in their mission to deliver change and equality of opportunity amongst the young and vulnerable people of Southampton and grab your tickets!

Friday, 3 June 2016 from 18:30 to 20:30 (BST)

St. Mary’s Stadium – Britannia Road, Southampton SO14 5FP, United Kingdom


  • Nicola

    I’m looking at buying tickets for my son’s 11th birthday but it’s a special birthday it’s been about 3 years since he has stopped being full time in his wheel chair as he has a condition called dopa responsive dystonia. Would it be possible to make his day to give a shout out to him.
    Kind regards

    • Ethan grible

      They should that’s such a good idea

  • charlie mist

    how do I get VIP tickets

  • Ahmed Ali

    Hi cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

  • George Anisimow

    How do I receive my tickets after ordering them. I live in America.

  • lee harrison

    Hello i run a bouncy castle company called jumparoo based in wiltshire. Would you interested in us appearing at the charity football match. Thanks from Lee harrison. 07711816579

  • jake walsh

    good luck sidemen bros

  • kyle savage

    i want to book some tickets but it says i need an access code. what is the access code?

  • Rachel

    Hi are tickets still for sale,i have been trying to purchase some but says i need a access code. Many thanks

    • Julian

      The tickets are sold out.

  • Justine holder

    How can I buy tickets? It keeps asking for an access code, i can’t create an account.

  • Brett hill

    Hi there are there going to be anymore tickets released for the charity game as my son is gutted to miss out and at the moment I am the worse dad in the world. Cheers

  • Gennive Woolston

    Hi, it says on the Eventbrite website that I need an access code to buy tickets to the match in Southampton?

  • sue

    trying to get my son tickets for this and it is asking for an Access Code? where do i get this code from? don’t want to ask my son as it is a surprise for him

  • mustafa haitham al helewa

    I am a good player can I Join

  • mustafa haitham al helewa

    I ,m a youtuber

  • harley gambrill

    where can I get vip tickets?

  • Harley

    where can I get vip tickets

  • gavin rossiter

    joe weller is definly on youtube all stars

  • Patrick Forkan

    Hi would love to be able to get three tickets for myself and two sons who are massive fan’s ,we are in Ireland but really want to get there as it would be my sons communion and confirmation presents as it’s all they both want and are desperate to get to the match, Thanks Pat

  • Chris Jones

    I am trying to get tickets but apparently I need an access code, does this mean they are sold out? If not where do I get the code from? Any help would be useful.

  • Matthew

    I have tickets and I was wondering if the sidemen were doing meet and greets at the event

  • Stuart

    I have train and hotel booked and 520+ mile round trip to make but can’t get hold of tickets or a code. Any help will be appreciated as I will have a disappointed son on a 14 hour round trip

  • Lewis

    Says I need an access code to buy tickets. Does this happen to everyone?

  • Dave

    Anyone who can’t attend and has spare tickets (1 x Adult and 1 x Child) please let me know. Thanks

  • Jacob

    This is gonna be sick! will it be on Youtube???
    Want go soooooo badly but need go school -_-
    Good luck to the sidemen bothers:D

    • Dan pearson

      It’s live streamed on the sidemen channel on June 3rd



  • Gary Barker

    Hi looking to get tickets will there be any more released or are there VIP tickets that I can purchase.


  • Lilith

    Hey everyone! I bought a couple of these tickets but I soon realised my exams are really close to them so I can’t go. I’m selling them on ebay so if anyone didn’t get tickets but wanted to go I’d really appreciate it:

  • KSI is a savage! Also that Indian guy!Make a shout out to me, eh?

  • Zlatan will join !

  • u can do it, im rootin for u guyz

  • ali asghar

    ultimate sdmn is the best

  • Dylan

    How do i refund my tickets?

  • How do I get the access code

  • owen

    what time does match start

  • Dan pearson

    In the latest vids where are they recording because it doesn’t look like any house/flat I’ve seen in any of their tours, any help would be appreciated thanks!