New Sidemen House?!?!

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Posted September 6, 2016

“Have the Sidemen moved to a new house?”

Yes! It certainly looks that way, as evidenced by all of the guys’ recent videos, which clearly see a new background.

Little is known about the new house and non of the Sidemen have addresses the issue directly, but hopefully one of them will do a house tour for us soon!

  • what is the address for sidemen house

    • Anonymous

      No. Regardless of whether or not we know where they currently live, they have a right to their privacy like anyone else.

  • Mikachoo

    In Vikks new set-up vid, he said it’s not a new house and that they’ve just had a refurbishment

  • Charlie

    I love the sidemen FC I want to meet them .

  • Sheridan

    I love the guys, thanks for making me happy ❤️

  • Patricia Allen

    lawlllllll, i know where it is! just out of pure curiosity , besides i live in america and could never afford to stalk anyways…..

  • it definitely a new house but its a mark of privacy they need. like fom a video where fans were coming into their holiday house from the beach and going around the house. but i would kinda like to see room tours. i dont know its tricky, for them anyways, i think they still want some what of a ‘normal life’